Table of Contents


I. New to SRE

1. Site Reliability Engineering in Six Words

2. Do We Know Why We Really Want Reliability?

3. Building Self-Regulating Processes

4. Four Engineers of an SRE Seder

5. The Reliability Stack

6. Infrastructure: It’s Where the Power Is

7. Thinking About Resilience

8. Observability in the Development Cycle

9. There Is No Magic

10. How Wikipedia Is Served to You

11. Why You Should Understand (a Little) About TCP

12. The Importance of a Management Interface

13. When It Comes to Storage, Think Distributed

14. The Role of Cardinality

15. Security Is like an Onion

16. Use Your Words

17. Where to SRE

18. Dear Future Team

19. Sustainability and Burnout

20. Don’t Take Advice from Graybeards

21. Facing That First Page

II. Zero to One.

22. SRE, at Any Size, Is Cultural

23. Everyone Is an SRE in a Small Organization

24. Auditing Your Environment for Improvements

25. With Incident Response, Start Small